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Juniper: America's Gin Berry (Cone)
Juniperus communis


Juniper cones

Wild juniper, Juniperus sp., is native to a wide swath of North America. It's pungent, small bluish berries are what is used to make gin. I remember hiking in the desert of Utah and Arizona and seeing (and smelling) juniper everywhere.


Juniperius communis


Since I'm totaly into native species and tourism (and by extension or inclustion) hospitality, I am very excited about the development of using native juniper to make distinctive and regional gins in America. Juniper has always been a key and essential ingredient in this pungent liquor, but I love that Death's Door gin is harvesting local berries on Wisconsin's Washington Island for their new entry into this burgeoning market. They also flavor their gin with coriander and fennel.




There is a whole world of indigeous herbs and berries in the American landscape that could be used to make more distinctive American liquors. Get busy America!